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As a “Miss Wild West”, Chyrle Bacon, a statuesque, blonde beauty, travels internationally sharing her multi-talented charm with wide ranging audiences. She creates a sizzling, exciting and dynamic atmosphere wherever she performs. Her shows have thrilled crowds as large as 70,000 or as small as a backyard BBQ.


Being very proud of her heritage, Chyrle says, “I owe my spirit and personality to my ancestors. My Great-Grandmother was Princess Rose, a Cherokee princess. And if my Aunt Jo’s love had a different twist of fate, I would be related to Wild Bill Cody.” Chyrle claims it is the Cherokee blood that flows in her veins that drives her ambitions and desire to entertain and delight those around her.

As both a performer and a producer, she applies her multi-talents and exciting roping tricks as well as whip cracking to thrill audiences. In addition to local shows, Chyrle’s background spokesperson in Public Relations is beneficial when promoting these shows with press, radio and TV reporters.


Headline Act At:

~Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show – US & World Tour

~Knotts Berry Farm, CA

~Reno Hilton Theater backed by the Philharmonic Orchestra

~Rawhide Park, AZ

~Frontier Village, San Jose, CA

~Coyote Ranch, Coyote, CA

~Great America Park, Santa Clara, CA

~Marine World/Africa USA, CA

~East/West Shriner Football Game

~L.A. Rams Football Game Half-Time Shows

~S.F. 49ers Football Game Half-Time Shows

~Hawaii Pro-Bowl Football Game Half-Time Show

~Long Branch Saloon and Farms, Half Moon Bay, CA



~1993, Guinness Book of World Records for largest loop spun, Woman’s Division

~1994, “Western Performer of the Year” International Cowboy & Indian Congress,

Scottsdale, AZ

~1995 to 1997, Titled “Miss Lone Star” from visits to China

~1995 & 1998, “Showmanship Award Trophy”, Las Vegas, NV