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The Diary of Miss Wild West $20.00 plus postage.

A True Story

How do you find your dream and make it come true?

Chyrle Bacon’s journey is an inspiring, humorous and valiant story. Despite misgivings, obstacles and just plan ole fear, Chyrle follows her heart and makes her dreams come true.  With her marvelous attitude, determination and a lot of old fashioned work, she learned how to perform with some of the best Western performers in the world.  Her story is inspiring young readers to find their dreams.


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  1. Michael Holmes
    10:42pm Nov 21,2014

    Hi Chyrle.

    A long time ago, I went to Frontier Village and remembered the many live performances, including yours. I happened to stumble across a few old faded photos of our visit, in a family album we had taken in our care, while in the process of cleaning my parents house, in preparation for the next phase of my mother’s life.
    On a lark, I decided to see if there were others who shared the same feelings of nostalgia on Facebook, or for that matter, any website.
    Well, the answer was quick and obvious. You and so many other staff made our visits there very special; creating happy memories that have lasted a lifetime.
    More importantly, you and your coworkers left us with the impression that you were so much more than a mere place to work: You were a family. In today’s age of telecommuting and insulated corporate thinking , it seems all the more special. To this day, I’d like to believe that simple and honest ethic has helped me steer the course of my own life.

  2. Dear Chyrle,
    Howdy! I sure do appreciate you sending me that book – I’ve just about done with it and Gloria is anxiously looking forward to reading it. A Great story – a “real” storybook tale! I love the illustrations too.
    We do look forward to the next book.
    Bill Tapogner

  3. Dear Chyrle,
    You wrote an absolutely delightful book and I’m enjoying it to the MAX! You rock, girl!
    Ginger Larson

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